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Shop Now! A stunning example of the A4 Pacific Class “AS PRESERVED”
Sir Nigel Gresley no. 4498 locomotive, model W2310
This locomotive was produced by Wrenn for a short period between 1991-1992. This particular example is one of only 53 reported to having been made. The locomotive is complete in every respect and includes its original box. The date stamp
11392 confirming build date March 92.
Shop Now! Offering a desirable 4-6-2 Duchess Class "Queen Elizabeth"
Locomotive running number 6221 in LMS Maroon!
This locomotive was introduced by Wrenn between 1989- 1992 model reference W2285. This version is one of only 243 made. The locomotive is complete in every respect and includes replacement box, original packaging, also included Wrenn manual and usual holding rings and tissue!
Shop Now! Wrenn 2-6-4t 4MT Standard Tank C & R Lined Blue livery
no. 2085 model W2246!
Offering a collectors example of a Wrenn, 4MT Standard Tank. This model was based on the Hornby-Dublo model
released in 1967. Wrenn introduced this variant in 1979, with production ceasing in 1989. In total were made 1085.
Yet only 154 produced in Period Four, A RARE FIND!
Shop Now! A fantastic New Old Stock UN-RUN Intercity BR Blue 20 008
Class 20 BO BO Diesel Electric Locomotive Wrenn W2230
This engine has always been a favourite amongst collectors. The Class 20 diesel locomotives were built in 1957-1968 by English Electric at the Vulcan Foundry, Newton-le-Willows or at the Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn works at Darlington.
Shop Now! A much desired 4-6-2 Streamlined Bulleid Pacific Locomotive
This example is the Exeter no. 21C101 in SR Green!
This locomotive was introduced by Wrenn in 1986 and production continued until 1989 model reference W2276X/5P. The total production consisted of 185 examples. Offered in MINT overall condition. Factory stamp Packer 3 - 61145 denoting Nov 1986.
Shop Now! A BR Green 4-6-0 Castle Class named “Neath Abbey” 5090
Model W2284 complete with original box and packaging!
The Castle Class is probably the most popular of all Wrenn locomotives. Production for this model commenced in 1989
stopping in 1992, in total only 139 were made. The GWR 4073 Class or Castle Class locomotives were a group of 171,
4-6-0 steam locomotives of the Great Western Railway!
Shop Now! A new “City of Wells” Golden Arrow 4-6-2 Streamlined Bulleid
Pacific 34092 in BR Green model reference W2266A
What makes this locomotive special is the condition which is hard to find due to the limited production run by Wrenn. We would deem this locomotive to be a VERY RARE find! The underneath is clearly stamped PACKER NUMBER 2 PRODUCTION DATE CODE 20592 Confirm build date May 1992