Hornby BR (Late) Kings Class “KING EDWARD VIII 6029 Ref: R3332



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Offering a NEW OLD SHOP STOCK UNOPENED 00 gauge example especially developed by “Hornby Model railways” as part of their LATEST DCC series. This Kings Class is a BR Green Late Crest 4-6-0 locomotive named KING EDWARD VIII 6029, model reference R3332! This locomotive is complete in every respect and includes all usual packaging and accessories where appropriate!

The Great Western Railways (GWR 6000 Class or King is a class of 4-6-0 steam locomotive designed for express passenger work. With the exception of one Pacific (The Great Bear) they were the largest locomotives the GWR built.

They were named after kings of the United Kingdom and of England, beginning with the reigning monarch, KIng George V and going back through history. Following the death of King George V, the highest-numbered engine was renamed after his successor; and following the abdication of the latter, the next-highest engine was also renamed after the new King.


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