About Us

About Connoisseur Wrenn


Connoisseur Wrenn like other model railways retailers, was formed out of a genuine passion for die cast 00 gauge engines and rolling stock.

Amongst the age of digital modelling, live steam and real sound, we found reliability and build quality an ongoing concern. So, as enthusiastic collectors, we decided to take out of storage and start running some of our cherished Wrenn locomotives.

Not before long, it was evident that there was a significant interest amongst collectors owning their own.

After careful consideration we decided to launch this web site to afford the avid collector and enthusiast the finest Wrenn could offer.

We pride ourselves on quality assurance across our range of locomotives and rolling stock on offer. We trust you will enjoy viewing our current collection and look forward to you visiting us again!

Meanwhile should you have any questions, require further details or information, please contact us at [email protected] or give us a call on 07970 861332



Carmine Bruno