Wrenn B R Blue “Express Parcels” Parcels Van W5012



BOX PACKAGING AS NEW (lightest surface rubbing commensurate with age)

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Offering for sale an alternative example of a Wrenn 4 Wheeled BR Blue Express parcels van running number E87003, model reference number W5012. This model was introduced by Wrenn in 1973 and production continued until 1989.

The blue parcel van is finished with a white logo and running and lettering.The item is complete with original late PERIOD FOUR box, inner yellow sleeve and packaging. We are of the opinion this example remains UNRUN!!

The parcels van is a type of rail vehicle built by British Rail and its predecessors, which was primarily used for transporting mail and parcels. They were used by both Express Parcels Systems, the British Post Office and Railtrack. National Rail and some train operating companies still use them. The Parcels van came in various styles and sizes. Most of the real vans (50ft) were built at Wolverton in the late 1930’s and virtually all had been scrapped by 1968!


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