Wrenn Mineral Wagon “SHELL” alternative 16T Steel Sided without Load W5051


MINERAL WAGON AS NEW (stored from new showing no signs of use vibrant decals and colour)

BOX PACKAGING EXCELLENT NEAR MINT (lightest surface rubbing and patina commensurate with age)

Out of stock

Offering for sale an alternative example of a Wrenn 4 Wheeled 16T Mineral Wagon without load model reference number W5051.

This model was introduced by Wrenn in 1978 and production continued for one year only. The wagon is finished in silver with usual Red & White Shell logo. These wagons were ex Hornby Dublo models and were produced as a result of buying the tools in 1972. Hence why they were only available from period three! The item is complete with original box, inner yellow sleeve and packaging.

A mineral wagon is a small railway vehicle used to carry coal, ores and other mine products . In the United Kingdom they usually have four wheels. They were originally made of wood and were often of very simple construction, with no train brakes, but from the 1930s onwards were more commonly made of riveted or welded steel. These wagons were cheap to make and a common sight all over the country.


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