Wrenn “BRITISH SODA” alternative Plank Wagon with Load Rolling Stock W5069


PLANK WAGON WITH LOAD AS NEW (original issue by G & R Wrenn Cheshunt P6 period six)

BOX PACKAGING AS NEW ( box end stamped as issued by Wrenn Cheshunt P6)

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Offering for sale an alternative example of a Wrenn 4 Wheeled Plank Wagon with load model reference number W5069. The original model was introduced by Wrenn in 1982 and production continued for a period of six years until 1988. The total number made in red/brown finished in white with white piped logo was 679.

Two other versions were also made to include this edition by G&R Wrenn Cheshunt in 2002.

Wrenn also produced alternative models too during the same period primary difference colourway and running numbers. The item is complete with original P6 box PERIOD SIX, inner yellow sleeve and packaging.

Commonly referred to as 12 ton Wagons (five plank sided), something like a thousand of these were originally built built between 1889 and 1893. These started off as 7T or 8T IRON wagons with quite low sides, but were converted to 12T with a distinctive continuous top panel and no stanchions. The 12 ton wagons would have been used mainly for deliveries for the smaller sheds and stabling points.


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