Wrenn Fish Van “BRT E67840 SPV CREW ” Rolling Stock W5064



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Offering for sale a superb example of a Wrenn “BRT” 4 Wheeled 12T Spot Fish Van model reference number W5064. This model was introduced by Wrenn in 1980 and production continued for a period of FOUR years until 1984. The Van is finished in Beige with multi colour logo, running number is E67840.

This item is complete with original PERIOD FOUR box, inner yellow sleeve and packaging.

The first 15 ft wheelbase fish vans produced by BR were 600 built in 1949/50 These were followed by another 500 built in 1954/5 which were essentially the same except they had a low vacuum pipe rather than the vertical vacuum pipe of the first examples.

The vans appear to have been built with plain roofs, but a few have had rain strips fitted. The increase in wheelbase from the 12 ft of earlier LNER fish vans to 15 ft was to allow them to travel at higher speeds. The vans themselves were not much longer than the 12 ft vans, leading to a very distinctive “wheel in each corner” appearance.


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