Wrenn P4 Dominion of Canada 4489 LNER 4-6-2 Class A4 Pacific W2295


LOCOMOTIVE AS NEW (part of a one owner collection of exceptional locomotives stored from new maybe test run when purchased)

BOX / PACKAGING EXCELLENT NEAR MINT (lightest storage related handling marks otherwise complete in every respect and remains undamaged)

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We are pleased to offer a fine collectors example of a Wrenn W2295 “Dominion of Canada” A4 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive in LNER Garter Blue, running number 4489. This version of the A4 Pacific was made with a MK2 Chassis. This model was introduced by Wrenn, Basildon in the final two years of production between 1990-92 after which the factory closed.

During this period, only 90 were produced. This Basildon built locomotive is extremely hard to find, particular in such fine quality. The locomotive remains in superb display condition. Includes its original box, packaging, manual, usual holding rings and tissue! 

The LNER’s Express Pacific designs were probably the most famous of the LNER locomotives. Of these Pacific’s, the A4 is probably the most famous of all: Its distinctive streamlined shape has come to be a symbol of 1930s luxury and speed. Even today, it is an A4 which holds the world speed record for any steam locomotive in the world.


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