Wrenn BR Black UNLINED Standard Tank 2-6-4t running number 80079 Locomotive W2307



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A fine LATE PERIOD FOUR collectors example of a Wrenn W2307 “UNLINED BLACK” 2-6-4 Standard 4MT Tank, running number 80079. This version of the Standard Tank is adorned with the BR Early Crest. This model was introduced by Wrenn, Basildon in 1991 and production continued until 1992. During this period, only 59 were produced.

We are proud to afford the Connoisseur collector one of the very first example ever made which comes complete with original box, usual packaging rings, instruction booklet, and most importantly correct and unblemished original box. Finally the underneath is clearly stamped in black packer 911148 confirming a production date of November 1991.

The 4MT standard Class 4 tank is a British Railways class of steam locomotive, one of the BR standard classes built during the 1950’s. They were used primarily on commuter and outer suburban services.The Standard 4 tanks were originally allocated to all regions of British Railways, except the Western. They became particularly associated with the London, Tilbury-Southend Line (LT&S) working commuter services out of London until the route was electrified 1962.

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