Bchmann 21PIN DCC Cass 3F BR Black 43747 Late Crest 31-625



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A brand new 00 gauge example especially developed by “Bachmann Branchline” as part of their 21 Pin DCC Ready series. This class 3F locomotive running number 43474 is offered in BR unlined Black livery. A highly detailed version being DCC READY.

The Midland Railway 3F ( Johnson 0-6-0) were a class of locomotives serving Britain’s Midland Railway system in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Between 1875 and 1908 the Midland Railway, under the control of locomotive superintendents Samuel W. Johnson and Richard Deeley, ordered 935 goods tender engines of 0-6-0 type, both from the railway’s own shops at Derby and various external suppliers.

Although there were many (mostly small) variations between different batches both as delivered and as successively rebuilt, all 935 can be regarded as a single series, one of the largest classes of engine on Britain’s railways. The locomotives served as late as 1964, but none of them now survive.


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