Hornby Model Railways Mainline YGB Seacow (WEATHERED VERSION) R6287B



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Offering for sale a brand new boxed example of a Hornby Model Railways Mainline YGB Seacow Hopper Wagon (WEATHERED VERSION) model reference number R6287B. This model was introduced by Hornby as part of their latest SUPER detailed series.

A hopper car is a type of railroad freight car used to transport loose bulk commodities such as coal, ore, grain and track ballast.Two main types of hopper car exist: covered hopper cars, which are equipped with a roof, and open hopper cars, which do not have a roof.

A Hopper Car to transport track ballast is distinguished from a gondola car in that it has opening doors on the underside or on the sides to discharge its cargo. The development of the hopper car went along with the development of automated handling of such commodities, with automated loading and unloading facilities. Covered hopper cars are used for bulk cargo such as grain, sugar, and fertilizer that must be protected from exposure to the weather.

Open hopper cars are used for commodities such as coal, which can suffer exposure with less detrimental effect. Hopper cars have been used by railways worldwide whenever automated cargo handling has been desired.


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