Hornby Driving Van Trailer Wrexham & Shropshire DCC READY model R4472



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Offering for sale a brand new and boxed example of a DCC Ready Hornby Driving Van Trailer Wrexham & Shropshire model reference number R4472.

Driving Van Trailer (DVT) is a purpose-built railway vehicle that allows the driver to operate a locomotive at the opposite end of a train. Trains operating with a DVT therefore do not require the locomotive to be moved around to the other end of the train at terminal stations.

Unlike many other control cars, DVTs resemble locomotives (specifically Class 91) and thus when the train is operating in “push” mode it does not appear to be travelling backwards.The vehicles have no passenger accommodation due to rules in place at the time of building that prohibited passengers in the leading vehicles of trains that travel at more than 100 miles per hour (160 km/h).

Wrexham & Shropshire started operating push-pull services with DVTs in October 2008 between Wrexham General and London Marylebone in conjunction with Class 67 diesel locomotives following the start of the service on 28 April 2008. 


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