Bachmann Branchline Bogie Bolster Wagon (inc STEEL PIPES) Maroon 38-158



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Offering for sale a brand new and boxed example of a Bachmann Branchline Model Railways BDA BOGIE BOLSTER WAGON BR BAUXITE Maroon with steel pipes model reference number 38-158.

By 1850 small wagons were being built with a single ‘bolster’. A bolster is a block of timber laid across the wagon to support the load, generally with a vertical post or rod at each end to prevent the load sliding sideways. From about 1890 specialised vehicles started to appear in greater numbers in response to traffic demand. Larger companies had forty or fifty different designs of vehicles for larger bulk traffic.

Great Western Railway (GWR) were reported to have owned the largest fleet, which was initially 59,036 wagons, and by 1926 this had risen to 88,580. This was probably due to the fact their operating geographical area between 1838 to 1947 included big cities such as London, industrialised West Midlands, South Wales, and Somerset.


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