Hornby Model Railways SOUTHERN C21 Class Q1 0-6-0 SUPER DETAIL Locomotive R2343A



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A brand new 00 gauge example especially developed by “Hornby Model Railways” as part of their SUPER DETAIL series. This Class Q1 locomotive running number C21 is offered in Southern Black livery. A highly detailed version being DCC READY.

The SR Q1 class is a type of austerity steam locomotive constructed during the Second World War. The class was designed by Oliver Bulleid for use on the intensive freight turns experienced during wartime on the Southern Railway network.

A total of 40 locomotives were built. Bulleid incorporated many innovations and weight-saving concepts to produce a highly functional design. The class lasted in service until July 1966, and the first member of the class, number C1, has been preserved by the National Railway Museum.

The highly unusual and controversial design represents the ultimate development of the British 0-6-0 freight engine, capable of hauling trains that were usually allocated to much larger locomotives on other railways. Among other nicknames, the class were known as “Coffee Pots”


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