Buy Back Bond Guarantee

Buy Back Bond Guarantee


As a company we know only too well quality matters! Wrenn locomotives were primarily limited in numbers and as a result even fewer remain in FACTORY KEPT condition.

We go to extreme lengths to source ONLY the finest. We employ researchers and buyers worldwide to bring YOU the best money can buy!

Costs are always a key factor for every company and where at all possible we try and minimize these without compromising quality.

As a result we will always BUY BACK locomotives we sell regardless of model!

Therefore, we offer a genuine BUY BACK GUARANTEE***. All our customers can rest assured that their investments will have a future value and buyer.

Every purchase comes with your buy back guarantee certificate as proof of our commitment to YOU our customers!

*** Subject to prevailing market conditions and values. All locomotives and or rolling stock are of the same quality and condition as sold. Future values will be subject to negotiation and therefore not pre-determined. 

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