Wrenn Ventilated Van “WALLS BACON” 12T PERIOD FOUR Rolling Stock W5046


VENTILATED VAN AS NEW (part of one owner collection stored from new remains un-opened vibrant decals / colour)

BOX PACKAGING NEAR MINT / MINT (lightest surface rubbing / patina commensurate with storage and age)

Out of stock

Offering for sale a superb example of a Wrenn “WALLS BACON” alternative 4 Wheeled Ventilated Van, Wrenn model reference number W5046.

This brown model was introduced by Wrenn in 1974 and production continued until 1984. Alternative colour and numbered vans were also produced between 1968-1983. The wagon is finished in with red and yellow piped logo and running number B757051. The item is complete with original PERIOD FOUR box, inner yellow sleeve and packaging.

Despite their name, they were also used for vegetable traffic and could be used for general merchandise traffic. Hence why Bisto and Dunlop to name but two transported their goods this way. Vans have been used on the railways since the late 1800’s primarily to transport live stock. With its decline due to abattoirs in the early 20th century, GWR converted these cattle wagons to transport alternative goods.


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