Wrenn Milk Tank Wagon “CO-OP NEWCASTLE” PERIOD 4 LONG BOX W5086


TANKER WAGON AS NEW (stored from new in original factory fresh condition)

BOX PACKAGING EXCELLENT-NEAR MINT (possibility of light surface scuff marks due to age and handling otherwise complete without damage)

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Offering for sale a superb example of a Wrenn “CO-OP Newcastle”NO.172, 6 Wheeled Tank Wagon model reference number W5086. This model was introduced by Wrenn in 1987 and production continued up to Basildon’s closure in 1992, There were 650 examples of this model made during this period.

This LONG BOX period four version is finished in white with blue writing depicting the logo. This example is offered complete with original box, inner yellow sleeve and packaging. A VERY RARE FIND!

Tank wagons for transporting liquids of various kinds were in use from the 1840’s and limited quantities of oil products were moved in this way from about the 1860’s.Tank Wagons were a common sight on Railways in the United Kingdom especially from the early 1930s to the late 1960s.

These Tank Wagons transported a variety of liquids from oil to milk. The majority were privately owned and were distinguishable as there were painted in company colours and logo’s i.e. BP, Shell, United Dairies ETC. Very seldom were Tank Wagons owned by the Railway Companies.


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