Wrenn Ore Wagon “CLAY CROSS LTD Limestone” (Presflo Body) W5503


PRESLO WAGON AS NEW (ex-shop stock originally direct from the manuracturer stored since new)

BOX PACKAGING NEW (the very lightest of storgage-handling marks to be expected which do not detract from overall quality)

Out of stock

Offering for sale a perfect example of a Wrenn “CLAY CROSS LTD Limestone” 4 Wheeled Ore Wagon, Wrenn model reference number W5503 This model was introduced by Wrenn in 1990 with production continuing for one year only.This example was issued as a limited edition of which only 175 were made.

This model was based on the Presflo Wagon without its top and as a result is thought to be fictitious. The ore wagon is finished in black with contrasting red logo and white print and no running number. This period four example is complete with original box, inner yellow sleeve and packaging. Also included is the limited edition certificate!

This wagon is commonly refereed to as a”PRESFLO WAGON” They were specifically built for the transportation of cement. These wagons were developed in the mid/late 20th Century and were a common place on our railways.One of the main builders of this unit was Gloucester Railway and Carriage Co.


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