Wrenn G.W 8T Gray Cattle Wagon NO.103240 P4 SHORT BOX W4630/A


CATTLE WAGON AS NEW (un-used model direct from retailers own collection)

BOX PACKAGING EXCELLENT / NEAR MINT (age related patina to outer box consistent with manufacture)

Out of stock

Offering for sale a superb example of a Wrenn “G.W GREY” 4 Wheeled 8T Cattle Wagon model reference number W4630A. This model was introduced by Wrenn in 1987 and production continued until the closure of the company’s factory in Basildon.

The Van is finished in light grey without logo. The running number is depicted in white no.103240. The tooling for this model was bought for production in 1971.This item is complete with original LATE P4 short box, inner yellow sleeve and packaging.

In railroad terminology, a stock car, cattle car or cattle wagon (British English) is a type of rolling stock used for carrying livestock (not carcasses) to market. A traditional stock car resembles a boxcar with louvered instead of solid car sides (and sometimes ends) for the purpose of providing ventilation; stock cars can be single-level for large animals such as cattle or horses, or they can have two or three levels for smaller animals such as sheep, pigs, and poultry


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