HORSE BOX AS NEW (retaining perfect colours and decals having been stored long term, lightest signs of use only).

BOX PACKAGING AS NEW (virtually factory fresh condition without and significant storage or handling marks remains undamaged).

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This offering of a Wrenn “FOXHUNTER CHAMPIONSHIPS” 4 wheeled Horse Box Royden Stables Brighton comes from our own stable. This model was made by Wrenn in 1990 through to 1992. This late P4 example is one of only 193 made reference no. W4315X.

Wagons for moving horses have been used since the earliest days of the railways, but few have survived due to the acidic nature of horse manure. This British Rail Southern Region horse box was based at Kensington Olympia and used for racehorses. However due to a change of BR policy regarding the carriage of animals, and the lack of rail links to many stables and courses, it was withdrawn after only twelve years’ use.

The vehicle was designed to carry three animals: the ‘stable’ section was divided into three with movable partitions. Amidships there is a compartment for the groom, whose seat can be made up as a bed. Side corridor access is provided from the groom’s compartment to a toilet and fodder store, which can also be reached from outside. At the end of the vehicle there is a saddlery.


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