Wrenn BR Blue S2380S 14T “Utility Van” W4324 Rolling Stock



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Offering for sale a perfect example of a Wrenn “BR Blue” 4 wheeled Utility Van running numbers S2380S, Wrenn model reference number W4324 This model was introduced by Wrenn in 1973 through to 1990. This example is a late period THREE model.

These utility vans were based on the ex-Hornby Dublo (1968) versions. Originally constructed as a general utility van for British Railways by the Pressed Steel Company Ltd. The General Utility Van (GUV) is a type of rail vehicle built to primarily transport mail and parcels. They were used by both Express Parcels Systems, the British Post Office and Railtrack.

National Rail and some train operating companies still use them today. Their alternative uses included the carriage of motor cars for which folding end doors and flat topped buffers were fitted. This enabled end loading and cars to be driven from one van into an adjacent similar one. Internally road vehicle floor anchorage points and folding parcel shelves were fitted, they could also be used as newspaper vans.

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