Wrenn P4 (June 90) City of Liverpool EXTENDED LINING Duchess Class 8P W2242


LOCOMOTIVE AS NEW (part of a one owner collection of display only engines, possibly test run originally)

BOX PACKAGING EXCELLENT NEAR MINT (very light handling and storage marks inner box date stamped P2 90622 complete with usual accessories)

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A superb preserved model of a Wrenn 4-6-2 Duchess Class Locomotive. This example is the “City of Liverpool” running number 6247 in L.M.S Maroon livery model reference W2242! 

This model was introduced by Wrenn in 1978 and production continued right through until the factory’s closure 1992. There were four variations made at the factory in Basildon during this period which included; extended lining and larger wheels.

This offering is for the RARER EXTENDED LINING example which was produced only between 1990/92. This locomotive is becoming ever harder to find especially as more often than not they are all play worn! Furthermore although the exact numbers made are still unknown it s reported there was less than 150.

The locomotive is complete in every respect and includes original inner box and P6 G & R Wrenn lid, packaging, together with the instruction manual and usual holding rings and tissue! The inner box is original to the locomotive with the underneath clearly stamped by the factory with a black date code 91 28 and packer number two. This locomotive can be dated to a production date of February 1992. POSSIBLY ONE OF THE LAST BUILT!!


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