Bachmann BR Black Late Crest N Class 31404 Model 32-154A



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A brand new 00 gauge example especially developed by “Bachmann Branchline” as part of their DCC Ready series. This BR Black WEATHERED N Class locomotive running number 31404 is offered complete with all respective paperwork and accessories!

The N class was designed by Richard Maunsell, CME of the SECR, to be a modern powerful mixed traffic locomotive to replace the regular double heading undertaken by smaller and older loco classes. Design work started in 1914 but was delayed by the Great War. The first prototype, number 810, did not emerge from Ashford until July 1917. Southern fans need to be uncomfortably aware that this design was heavily influenced by GWR thinking, due to the recruitment by the SECR of Harry Holcroft from Swindon.

The N class worked over most of the Southern Railway (SR) network, and were used by the Southern Region of British Railways (BR) until the last was withdrawn in 1966. One N class locomotive is preserved on the Swanage Railway in Dorset, undergoing overhaul.


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