Hornby BR (EX-GWR) 2-6-2T 61XX Class Locomotive 6134 model R2213B

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An EX DISPLAY 00 gauge example by “Hornby Model Railways”. This BR Black Early Crest 2-6-2T 61XX Class Locomotive 6134 model R2213A is being offered in AS NEW EX SHOP CONDITION! This locomotive comes complete with original box packaging to include service sheet and insulation sleeve!

The class was designed by Charles Collett, introduced in 1931, were a straightforward development of the earlier 5101 class.There were seventy in the class, built in two batches in 1931–1933 and 1935. They were frequently referred to by trainspotters as ‘Tanner One-ers’ The class was specifically built for commuter services in the London area where they replaced the ageing 2221 class on these services.

They lasted to the end of steam on the Western Region of British Railways in 1965, never straying far from their home turf. Collett 6100 CLASS locomotive number 6106, 2-6-2T tank engine was built Swindon Works in 1931 and the only one of its class to survive!


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