Hornby County Class “County of CORNWALL” 4-6-0 GW Green running no.1006 model R2937


LOCOMOTIVE BRAND NEW – BOX PACKAGING BRAND NEW (light crease bottom left corner)

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Offering A BRAND NEW EX SHOP STOCK 00 gauge example especially developed by “Hornby Model Railways” as part of their Railroad series. This County Class “County of Cornwall” 4-6-0 GW Green with running no.1006 is being offered in a traditional livery model reference R2937.

The Great Western Railway 1000 Class or County Class was a class of 4-6-0 steam locomotive. Thirty examples were built between 1945 and 1947, but all were withdrawn and scrapped in the early 1960s. No examples were preserved but a replica locomotive is under construction.

These locomotives were the final development of the two-cylinder Saint Class introduced in 1901 and included several features that had already been used on the successful Modified Hall class. The Chief Mechanical Engineer of the GWR Frederick W. Hawksworth had hoped to design a new 4-6-2 (Pacific) express locomotive for post war traffic, when he took up office in 1941 but had been prevented by the war from doing so.


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