Hornby Model Railways Thompson Suburban Lavatory Composite R4572


THOMPSON LNER COACH NEW (ex-shop stock in faultless cosmetic condition and working order throughout)

BOX & PACKAGING AS NEW (possibility of superficial surface rubbing to outer sleeve through storage and handling complete with un-opened accessories and paperwork)

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Offering for sale a brand new and boxed example of a Hornby Model Railways Thompson Suburban Lavatory Composite running number 88383, model reference number R4572.

The Thompson Coach as the name suggests was designed by Edward Thompson. He was Chief Mechanical Engineer of the London and North Eastern Railway between 1941 and 1946. When Thompson was appointed CME of the LNER he started a much needed standardisation program. Thompson improved passenger safety by introducing steel-bodied coaches to the LNER. Beforehand LNER had Gresley-designed coaches.

The most famous of which had these TEAK bodies. But by 1940’s standards these were considered insufficiently safe in a collision. Therefore during the Second World War, Thompson designed new all-steel coaches that became a forerunner of British Railways Mark 1 design. Along with improving safety standards, Thompson introduced a new series of locomotive designs and variations which included the Thompson A1/1, A2/1, B1 & K5 engines. Thompson retired from the LNER in 1946 and died in 1954.

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