Hornby Model Railways BR (Ex-LMS) Non Corridor 3rd Brake Coach model R4678



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Offering for sale a brand new and boxed example of a Hornby Model Railways BR (Ex-LMS) Non Corridor 3rd Brake Coach running number M 20769 M model reference number R4678.

The Brake Gangwayed or BG coach (also known as a Full Brake) is a type of British Railways Mark 1 passenger brake van. It has a guard’s compartment in the centre and two large areas either side for storing luggage. They were a very versatile type of coach and could be found all over the British Railways network and some are still in use today – although not in conventional use.

The British Railways Mark 1 BG was shorter than most other types of Mark 1 coach – the BGs being 57 feet (17.37 m) whereas most other designs were 63 feet (19.20 m). This was so the BG could go everywhere unlike their other Mark 1 counterparts which were banned from some station platforms because of their length.


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