Hornby Model Railways BR Hawksworth Composite Brake W 7839 W ref. R4408



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Offering for sale a brand new and boxed example of a Hornby Model Railways BR Custard with Grey Roof BR Hawksworth Composite Brake running number W 7839 W, model reference number R4408.

The composite coach was a standard coach design going back to the early days of railways. This enabled a railway company to provide multi-class passenger accommodation in a single vehicle and so reduce costs in the company’s overall rolling stock needs. There were are a number of different variations which included corridor and passenger brake.

This coach is referred to as a BR Hawksworth which came into service pre 1954. As the name suggests, this coach was named after its designer. These coaches had a distinctive roof design which offered both a streamline look whilst incorporating many new safety features and ventilation!


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