Hornby “PULLMAN CAR CO. Class 73 Brighton Evening Angus R3137


LOCOMOTIVE BRAND NEW (due to the overall value of the engine, for avoidance of doubt the contents have been opened for checking & testing purposes only)

BOX PACKAGING AS NEW (possibility of lightest storage and handling marks to outer box to be expected)

Out of stock

A brand new 00 gauge example especially developed by “Hornby Model Railways” as part of their Super Detail DCC Series. This Class 73 Pullman Car Company (BO-BO Diesel Electric) running number 73101 is named “Brighton Evening Angus!” This Chocolate and Cream livery DCC READY example which is still wrapped includes, unopened accessory pack and paperwork.

These locomotives were ordered as part of the British Railways 1955 Modernisation plan which included the extension of the Southern Region electrification to various main lines.The Class 73 is a British model of electro-diesel locomotive.The type is unusual in that it can operate from the Southern Region’s 650/750 V DC third-rail or an on-board diesel engine to allow it to operate on non-electrified routes.

This makes it very versatile, although the diesel engine produces less power than is available from the third-rail supply. So the locomotives rarely stray from the former Southern Region of British Rail. Following the withdrawal and scrapping of the more powerful Class 74 electro-diesels in 1977, the Class 73 is now unique on the British railway network. 10 locomotives have been scrapped.


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