Bachmann Branch-Line Model Railways BR Black Weathered N Class 32-154A



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A brand new 00 gauge example especially developed by “Bachmann Model Railways” as part of their LATEST series model reference number 32-154A. This 2-6-0 N Class locomotive is being offered in British Rail (BR) Black with late crest number 31404. A highly detailed version which is factory weathered and also DCC ready.

Designed by Maunsell in 1914 to provide a sturdy mixed-traffic locomotive,the N class was mechanically similar to the SECR K class 2-6-4 passenger tank engine, also by Maunsell. It influenced future 2-6-0 development in Britain and provided the basis for the 3-cylinder N1 class of 1922.

Production was delayed by the outbreak of the First World War in 1914. The first N class rolled out of Ashford Works in 1917, three years after design work was completed. Eighty N class locomotives were built in three batches between the First and Second World Wars. Fifty were assembled from kits of parts made at the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, giving rise to the nickname of “Woolworths”.


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