Hornby BR Green 4021 Early Crest 4-6-0 Star Class “British Monarch” R3229



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Offering a superb EX-SHOP STOCK NEW 00 gauge example locomotive especially developed by “Hornby Model Railways” as part of their latest DCC READY series. This example is the BR Green Early Crest 4-6-0 Star Class “British Monarch” model reference R3229. Offered complete with appropriate paperwork and accessories pack!

The Great Western Railway 4000 or Star were a class of 4-cylinder 4-6-0 passenger steam locomotives designed by George Jackson Churchward for the Great Western Railway (GWR) in 1906 and introduced from early 1907.

The first series of ten locomotives were built at Swindon in 1907 (Lot 168) numbered 4001-4010 and named after well-known Stars, perpetuating the names of the earlier broad gauge GWR Star Class of 1838.The surviving members of the series were withdrawn between 1932-1951. Luckily, one example of the ‘Star’ class, No. 4003 Lode Star was preserved by British Railways.


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