Wrenn W6000 “PULLMAN” Car Brake 2nd Passenger Car No.77



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Offering for sale a superb example of a Wrenn “Pullman” Parlour Car numbered Car 77, model reference number W6000.

This model with was introduced by Wrenn in 1972 and production continued throughout until 1986. The exact number made is unknown. The PULLMAN Brake 2nd Car is finished in brown/cream, with yellow lettering and transfers. the interior has brown tables which were a renowned colour combination.

The item is complete with original box, inner sleeve and packaging. The most famous of all the car manufacturers was Pullman, which began as the Pullman Palace Car Company founded by George Pullman in 1867.

The Pullman Palace Car Company manufactured railroad cars in the mid-to-late 19th century through the early decades of the 20th century during the boom of railroads. Pullman developed the sleeping car which carried his name into the 1980s.

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    Each purchase from Connoisseur Wrenn has never been compromised.

    Bought several items over time! Each purchase has never been compromised both in quality service and packaging!

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