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Wrenn "Brighton Belle" Pullman Brown & Cream "BROWN TABLE Box Set W3006/7

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A perfect example of the Brighton Belle 3052 Brown/Cream set with running numbers 90/91.

This W3006/7 set comprises of one power and one dummy trailing car, both with BROWN TABLES. This much sought after set was produced between 1979 -85. Wrenn Railways made a number of different sets from 1979 up to the factory closure in 1992. These sets came in both Blue and White as well as Brown and Cream Pullman liveries. Other differences included; table colours, running numbers and two limited edition box sets.

This W3006/7 model set has a rich brown and cream finish appropriate to pull a rake of other Wrenn Pullman coaches such as Audrey, Doris, Car 77 and so on! The Brighton Bell box set is in original condition, complete in every respect and includes original outer, and inner white boxes, packaging, instruction sheet and usual holding rings and tissue!