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Wrenn W2260A "Caledonian 6141" Royal Scot Class 6P 4-6-0 LMS Maroon Locomotive

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Offering a finely detailed example of a Wrenn W2260A Royal Scot Class Locomotive in LMS Maroon named "Caledonian" running number 6141.

Once again after many years of development this version was launched in 1982 and was discontinued in 1990 shortly before the closure of Basildon factory. As with the majority of Royal Scot Class locomotives buildt by Wrenn they were limited in numbers.

Many were produced in two or three version too. This allowed for gloss and matt finishes, lined and unlined locomotives. This example started production from 1982 and although production ran for eight years, only 250 were reported to have been made.

This example without exception is getting harder to find in such great order! The locomotive is complete in every respect and includes its original box, original packaging, also included Wrenn manual and usual holding rings and tissue!