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Wrenn BR Late Crest Class R1 Tank 0-6-0T Locomotive model W2205A

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This Class R1 Tank 0-6-0T (ex-H/Dublo -1968) shares a chassis block with the 2-6-0T. The tool for this was lost in 1898 as a result few R1 locomotives were produced after this date. This locomotive running no.31047 in BR Black was produced between 1985-88 model reference W2205A.

In all my years of collecting I have NOT seen many in such great condition. The locomotive has been fully serviced, is complete in every respect and includes original PERIOD FOUR box, packaging, manual and usual holding rings and tissue! The underneath is clearly stamped packer no.6 code consistent with dates of manufacture.

For many years the South Eastern Railway (SER) had possessed very few locomotives designed for shunting. Several other railways favoured the 0-6-0T wheel arrangement for shunting. So in 1887 it was decided to introduce a class of 0-6-0T locomotives specifically for shunting and for hauling local goods trains. The R class locomotives were designed by James Stirling as a new class. 25 were built at Ashford Works between 1888 and 1898.

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