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Wrenn G W Green Livery N2 Tank 0-6-2t running number 8230 Locomotive W2280

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We are fortunate enough to offer a VERY RARE Wrenn Railways Class N2 Tank Locomotive running number 8230 in Great Western (G.W) Olive Green Livery.

Produced for one year only between 1988-89 this locomotive was Issued in 1988. During its production it has been reported that less than 98 were made. The tool for this locomotive was lost in 1990 as a result few N2 tanks were produced after 1989.No doubt many less survive today especially in such fine condition.

This loco shared a chassis block with the 0-6-0T but with a rear bogie added. This example of the Wrenn model number W2280 is a 1988 version and a must for all collectors especially in such condition.The locomotive is complete in every respect. Its condition is second to none and includes original box and packaging.

Also included is the instruction manual and usual holding rings and tissue! Note: the underneath carries a clear factory production stamp as follows "PACKER NUMBER 3 REFERENCE NUMBER 08416. Therefore date of issue April 1988!

further images available on request