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Wrenn W2270 BR Lined Green Standard Tank 2-6-4t running number 80135 Locomotive

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A seldom found 2-6-4T BR 4MT Standard Tank Class Locomotive This rarer example is the “B R Lined Green” running number 80135.The 4MT Standard Tank was based on the EX-H/Dublo model released in 1967.This variation of the standard tank loco was introduced by Wrenn in 1983 and production ceased 1992 model reference W2270.

This version is highly prized amongst collectors especially as they are uncommon in such fine condition WITH ONLY 630 REPORTED ever made! The locomotive is complete in every respect and includes original PERIOD FOUR box, packaging, manual and usual holding rings and tissue! The underneath is clearly stamped Packer no.3, code 06324. Confirming a production date of 1986.

 The 4MT standard Class 4 tank is a British Railways class of steam locomotive, one of the BR standard classes built during the 1950's. They were used primarily on commuter and outer suburban services.The Standard 4 tanks were originally allocated to all regions of British Railways, except the Western. They became particularly associated with the London, Tilbury-Southend Line (LT&S) working commuter services out of London until the route was electrified 1962. 

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