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Wrenn "BLUE STAR" BR Green 4-6-2 Rebuilt Bulleid Pacific 1992 EXAMPLE W2297

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A must have amongst collectors and enthusiasts alike, this 4-6-2 Rebuilt Bulleid Pacific Merchant Navy Class Locomotive named Blue Star in BR Green livery.This superb example with running number 35010 was introduced in Period Four by Wrenn between 1990-92, model reference W2297. As a result only 152 examples were produced before the closure of Basildon.

What makes this locomotive special is the condition which is hard to find due to the limited production run by Wrenn. The locomotive is in original condition, complete in every respect and includes original box, packaging, manual and usual holding rings and tissue! The underneath has a clear reference stamp packer no.2 number 6 2 92 confirming build date February 1992!

Due to problems with some of the more novel features of Bulleid's design, all members of the class were rebuilt by British Railways during the late 1950s. The class members were named after the Merchant Navy shipping lines involved in the Battle of the Atlantic. The Merchant Navy class operated until the end of Southern steam in July 1967.