Wrenn Salt Wagon “SIFTA TABLE SALT” 10T Low Roof Van Rolling Stock W4666



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Offering for sale a fine example of a Wrenn “Sifta Table Salt” 4 Wheeled Salt Wagon model reference number W4666 This model was introduced by Wrenn in 1971 and production continued for a period of six years until 1977. There were two of variations so the exact number made is unknown.

The wagon is finished in bright blue with a silver and black logo, running number 125. The item is complete with original period three box, inner yellow sleeve and packaging.

Industrial salt was often shipped in standard open wagons, however several companies used low-roofed vans for their salt, typically with a simple pitched roof (known as “cottage topped wagons” by railwaymen).

These were typically a standard 7 or 8 plank open wagon fitted with cupboard doors and the pitched roof (this allowed them to use standard wagon parts such as corner plates, easing maintenance). The ornate liveries seen on salt vans were I suspect mainly confined to wagons carrying table salt, the industrial stuff did not benefit much from advertising to the general public in this way.


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