Wrenn P4 (May 1983) Royal Scot 6P Manchester Regiment BR Green W2262A


LOCOMOTIVE AS NEW (faultless display model retaining perfect decals and crisp paintwork periodically test run only from new!)

BOX PACKAGING / EXCELLENT NEAR MINT (handling marks superficial surface rubbing to lid complete with all usual paperwork underneath date stamped !)

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Offering a fine PRESERVED example of a Wrenn W2262/A Royal Scot Class Locomotive in BR Green named “The Manchester Regiment” running number 46148.

Many of the Royal Scott locomotives produced by Wrenn were made in limited numbers. This one is no exception with only 200 examples know to have been made. Their rarity is increasing daily as their overall condition to include the boxes are becoming harder find. This example started production from 1982 and ceased production in early 1983. Wrenn also produced a made to order between 1970-1989 this locomotive came with a five pole motor.

This locomotive is second to none remains test run only having been displayed for the best part of its life, complete in every respect. It includes its original box and outer lid. Also included is the Wrenn manual and usual holding rings and tissue! Underneath displaying manufacturers date stamp in red Packer no.1 ref no. P3/05320 confirming date build May 1983.


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