Wrenn P4 (Oct 1984) Royal Air Force Royal Scot Class 6P BR Blue W2273


LOCOMOTIVE EXCELLENT / NEAR MINT (a quality model retaining superb complete decals & paintwork, serviced!)

BOX PACKAGING EXCELLENT NEAR MINT (replacement lid, original date stamped inner box usual signs of handling  with respective paperwork and usual accessories!)

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Offering a fine example of a Wrenn W2273 Royal Scot Class Locomotive in BR Blue named “The Royal Scot” running number 46159. Initially advertised by Wrenn during what was commonly referred to as Period Three. This example started production from 1983 and continued well into 1992.

Reported to be no more than 150 made, without exception getting harder to find! Especially as all avid collectors are reluctant to part with their examples. We would deem this locomotive to be a very rare find! The locomotive is complete in every respect and includes, inner original box with replacement lid and packaging, also included Wrenn manual and usual holding rings and tissue!

The Royal Scot was part of the London Midland & Scottish Railway Company (LMS) Royal Scot Class is a class is a 4-6-0 express passenger locomotive introduced in 1927. Originally having parallel boilers, all members were later rebuilt with tapered type 2A boilers, and were in effect two classes.

NOTE: Price reflecting light tarnish to handrails, very minor discolouration to some driving rods and replacement lid.


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