Wrenn P4 (Sept 1991) Rebuilt Bulleid Westward Ho BR Black Early Emblem W2309


LOCOMOTIVE AS NEW (factory fresh retaining perfect colour and decals having been at best test run and displayed from new)

BOX PACKAGING EXCELLENT / NEAR MINT (superficial surface rubbing to outer lid as a result of handling and storage otherwise without damages)


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Certainly, a must have among collectors and enthusiasts alike. This 4-6-2 Rebuilt Bulleid Pacific Locomotive is the exceptionally rare BR Black E/C livery.

This display model of the Westward Ho was produced for a short period (1989-92). It is no wonder with limited numbers made, finding an authentic example is extremely rare or indeed near on impossible.

Without exception this model has all the necessary characteristics to deem it authentic in every respect. These include correct armature and wiring. Capacitor, engine body and stove enamelled chassis parts and bogies. Not forgetting the tell-tell paintwork synonymous with a true authentic model!

It has also been checked against three other authentic models known to exist.

The locomotive is in original condition, complete in every respect,  includes original box, packaging, manual and usual holding rings and tissue! Black manufacturers date stamp P2 / 91 939 corresponding with production records held by Wrenn.


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