Wrenn BR MAROON “City of Glasgow” 4-6-2 Duchess Class 8P Locomotive W2315



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We are pleased to afford the discerning collector this AS NEW 4-6-2 Duchess Class 8P locomotive named “City of Glasgow” running number 46242 in British Rail Maroon. This example was found in storage along with a number of others which will soon become available. Such is the rarity of this model its only the second we have retailed to date!

An exceptional locomotive which was introduced by Wrenn in 1992, model reference W2315. This version is one of only 43 known to have been made. What makes it all the more interesting, it was in production in the final year of the company’s Basildon ERA!. The locomotive is complete in every respect comes complete with instruction manual and usual holding rings and tissue! The later replacemnet box is stamp in black Packer number 2 date code 441192.

An example probably NEVER to be seen again! The Duchess locomotive used by London Midland & Scottish Railways was a class of express passenger steam locomotives designed by William Stanier. The Duchess class got its name as a result of being a non-streamlined,although to engine-men they were often known as Big Lizzies.


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