Wrenn P4 (Jan 89) Non Powered 24ct Gold Plated Jubilee R1 0-6-0 Tank W2408


LOCOMOTIVE AS NEW (displayed only vibrant colouring and without defects and abrasions)

BOX PACKAGING EXCELLENT/NEAR MINT (surface rubbing to lid due to storage / handling also price label residue top corner). 

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No Wenn collection should be without the LIMITED EDITION non powered 24ct gold plated Jubilee Tank. This example was produced for one year only between 1988-89. In total 150 examples were reported to have been made. This locomotive without exception is in perfect collectors condition and is complete with original PERIOD FOUR Ltd Edition box usual packaging to include Wrenn manual and holding rings.

Also included is a display plinth with plaque, track and numbered certificate. Although originally 500 were to be made the actual number produced was 150 hence the rarity! The box is also stamped in black, packer no.3 89103 giving a production date Jan 1989

Several railway companies favoured the 0-6-0T wheel arrangement for shunting. So in 1887 it was decided to introduce a class of 0-6-0T locomotives specifically for shunting and for hauling local goods trains.The R class locomotives were designed by James Stirling as a new class. In all 25 were built at Ashford Works between 1888 and 1898. As was typical of Stirling’s designs, several components were shared with existing designs, for example the domeless boilers.


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