Wrenn P4 (Nov-85) 4-6-0 Castle Class Great Western Ltd Edition BR Green W2400


LOCOMOTIVE AS NEW (Periodically test run and displayed from new, factory fresh condition, no signs of wear decals crisp, colours vibrant)

BOX PACKAGING AS NEW (possibility very lightest of handling and storage marks. Otherwise deemed to be in retail condition overall).

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A RARE find late period four Wrenn Model Railways Castle Class This model reference W2240 is the 4-6-0 Limited edition “Great Western” Castle Class with its 150 Anniversary Headboard Locomotive.

This example is one of only 250 ever made. The Castle Class is probably the most popular of all Wrenn locomotives. Production in Basildon Essex commenced in 1971 (Period One) with other examples being made throughout the remaining periods leading up to the factory’s’ closure in 1992 (Period Four).

This Limited Edition with running number 7007 was produced between 1985-87. The locomotive is in original condition, complete in every respect having been only every displayed. includes original Wrenn Basildon lid and inner box, packaging, manual and usual holding rings and tissue. The underneath is stamped P3/ 51147 Denoting production date Nov 1985.

The GWR 4073 Class or Castle class locomotives are a group of 171 4-6-0 steam locomotives of the Great Western Railway. They were originally designed by the railway’s Chief Mechanical Engineer, Charles Collett, for working the company’s express passenger trains.


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