Bachmann Branchline “EWS” CO CO DIESEL ELECTRIC Class 66 no. 66068 model 32-733



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Offering A BRAND NEW EX SHOP STOCK UNOPENED 00 gauge example especially developed by “Bachmann Branchline” as part of their recent DCC series. This Blue Riband GBRf” Class 66 CO-CO DIESEL ELECTRIC no. 66068 is model reference 32-733! This locomotive is complete in every respect and includes all usual packaging and accessories where appropriate!

The Class 66 is a type of six-axle diesel electric freight locomotive developed in part from the Class 59, for use on the railways of the UK. Since its introduction the class has been successful and has been sold to British and other European railway companies.

In Continental Europe it is marketed as the EMD Series 66. Class 66 diesel powered locomotives have electric transmission, maximum tractive effort of Class 66 locos is 409 kN/92000 lbf, max. speed of Class 66 locomotives is 60/75 mph, weight of Class 66 locos is 127 tonnes. Class 66 are the most common heavy haul freight locomotives you will see on standard gauge British Railways systems maintained by Network Rail or private freight train operators like DRS, D B Schenker (Ex EWS), Colas Rail, GBR.


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