Hornby Model Railways BR (Ex LNER) 61ft 6 Inches Sleeping Car R4570



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Offering for sale a brand new and boxed example of a Hornby Model Railways BR (Ex LNER) 61ft 6 inch sleeping car number E 1210 E model reference number R4570. This version is in the late LNER maroon livery with contrasting grey roof.

The British Railways Mark 1 sleeping car was a railway sleeping car built by British Railways and outside contractors between 1957 and 1964. Three hundred and eighty cars of three different types were built, with a fourth type created later by conversion. The most famous of all the sleeping car trains of today is the “Caledonian Sleeper train which departs every day from Euston London heading for the Highlands in Scotland some 500 miles north!

Overall three types were designed, based on the BR Mark 1 63-foot (19.20 m) under-frame and profile. All featured 11 compartments with side corridor, an attendants’ pantry at one end, and two toilets at the other. There was one fixed berth in first class compartments and two fixed berths in second class. Thus the Sleeper First (SLF) slept 11 and the Sleeper Second (SLSTP) 22. The Sleeper Composite (SLC) had five first class and 6 second class compartments.


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