Hornby Railways LMS Maroon Non-Corridor Composite Coach model R4656


BR COMPOSITE COACH NEW / BOX PACKAGING NEW (retailers label glue residue upper corner)

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Offering for sale a brand new and boxed example of a Hornby Model Railways LMS Maroon Non Corridor Composite Coach running number 16697 model reference number R4656.

The Composite Corridor (or CK) is a railway coach with a number of compartments, some of which are standard class (previously second, né third class) and some first class, linked by a side corridor.

The composite coach was a standard coach design going back to the early days of railways, enabling a railway company to provide multi-class passenger accommodation in a single vehicle and so reduce costs.

In the book “Red For Danger” by L.T.C Rolt it is mentioned that the train which came to grief at Wigan on the night of 2 August 1873 featured a Caledonian Railway composite coach.Early composite coaches did not feature corridors or gangways between the vehicles.



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