Hornby Model Railways BR 2-8-0T Class 42XX Running No. 4257 model R3223


ENGINE BRAND NEW (ex-shop stock in faultless cosmetic condition and working order throughout)

BOX & PACKAGING AS NEW (possibility of superficial surface rubbing to outer sleeve through storage and handling complete with un-opened accessories and paperwork)

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A brand new 00 gauge example especially developed by “Hornby Model Railways” as part of their LATEST series. This BR 2-8-0T Class 42XX Running No. 4257 model R3223 is being offered in BRAND NEW EX SHOP CONDITION!

The Class 42XX was designed by George Jackson Churchward, Chief Mechanical Engineer (CME) of the Great Western Railway (GWR) from 1902 until 1922. Due to the increase in mineral traffic in South Wales there was a demand for a powerful freight locomotive capable of handling very heavy loads.

The Class 42XX was developed and built especially for moving this heavy freight on short haul trips between the coal mines and the South Wales ports. The locomotives weighed 82 tons and 2 cwt with a fuel capacity of 4 tons together with a water capacity of 1800 imperial gallons. The Class was fitted with Stephenson (Piston valve) Gear and produced a boiler pressure of 200psi.

A total of 60 of these 2-8-0 tank engines were built at the GWR Swindon Locomotive Works between 1912 and 1923.


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