Bachmann USA Class 0-6-0T 68 BR WEATHERED Black 30071 Unlined MR-106


LMR BLUE USA CLASS 0-6-0T BR Black “WEATHERED” BRAND NEW (ex-shop stock originally direct from manufacturers)

BOX & PACKAGING AS NEW (possibility of superficial surface rubbing to outer sleeve through storage and handling complete with un-opened accessories and paperwork)

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Affording the discerning collector a Bachmann Branchline BR Black Early Emblem USA Class 0-6-0T produced exclusively for Model Rail model no. MR-106. This example is brand new and complete in every respect including accessories and paperwork.

The SR USA class were ex-United States Army Transportation Corps S100 Class steam locomotives purchased and adapted by the Southern Railway (SR) after the end of the Second World War to replace the LSWR B4 class then working in Southampton Docks. SR staff nicknamed them “Yank Tanks”

The United States Army Transportation Corps built 382 S100 Class 0-6-0 tank engine for use in the Second World War. They were shipped to the British War Department in 1943, and stored awaiting the invasion of Mainland Europe. Most went overseas but some remained in store.

The class was replaced from their shunting duties at Southampton from 1962 by British Rail Class 07 diesel-electric shunters, when the first member of the class was withdrawn, but the remainder were still in fairly good condition.


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